Corporate Social Responsibility

"Our starting point is that everything we produce in the way of food products remains in the food chain."

Hennie Borgesius

"If you don't put it in, you don't have to explain"

The very first loaves of bread were made from a thin batter of flour and water; after this was left to stand for a few days, it was ready to be formed into dough and baked into deliciously aromatic bread. The bakeries produce bread using pre-ferments and sourdoughs in order to make the most of the natural aromas and flavours in the bread. These days the Borgesius Bakery produces more and more bread in accordance with this traditional method. It is a sustainable method, in that it requires no additives, resulting in savings in the use of packaging materials and transport of ingredients.


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is inextricably linked to the family's long-term vision. Sustainable production ensures that the next generations will also be able to enjoy natural resources. When we produce our bread, we think about our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Sustainability is important to the entire chain - from the wheat field to the kitchen table.


Transport is an important point of attention for the bakery and every year we achieve efficiency improvements in our energy consumption. Our fleet consists of the most modern lorries. The drivers are trained in "economical and energy-aware driving", producing 10% fuel savings over the past few years. The drivers' fuel consumption is assessed on a monthly basis and special software programmes ensure that every route is as efficient as possible. All customers are allocated as close as possible (local) to the bakery in order to keep the distances as short as possible. In consultation with the client we also endeavour to keep the journeys and distances to a minimum. All our transports are with so-called “PIEK” lorries to ensure loading and unloading with the least possible noise. This year Borgesius Bakery started with environmentally friendly LNG trucks to carry out our transports even cleaner and quieter.

Bake-off bread

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