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You drive to work and forgot your sandwiches, no problem, our employees get up at the crack of dawn to prepare delicious sandwiches for you. Sandwich bread has its own unique structure and is available in many variations other than white or brown, including spelt, teff or ancient grains. Besides the usual sandwiches, such as 'bacon and egg' or 'farmhouse salad', there are many other options, including smoked salmon with wasabi cream cheese or a sandwich with slow-roast pork.

Filled rolls

Our bakers get up early in the morning to bake fresh rolls for you. Then these rolls are filled with the best fillings. You will relish the combination of our own bread and delicious fillings. You don't have to do anything, we've done it all.


Do you fancy a snack or a special lunch? The original traditional Mexican wrap has been jazzed up a little with fillings of chicken curry, cheddar, falafel with silky soft hummus or pulled beef. The subtle rolled wraps are delicious hot or cold and produce a surprising and enjoyable moment. Besides large wraps we also have mini-wraps to serve with drinks.

DIY fillings

Rolls taste best when the filling is fresh, but that takes time. DIY fillings are the perfect solution - with one simple movement you can fill a freshly baked roll, because our employees did the rest. DIY fillings are easy to use and you have more time to talk to your client and your client can enjoy a delicious roll almost instantly.


If you fancy something other than a standard roll, the panini is for you. This delicious product is prepared in accordance with an authentic Italian recipe. Our paninis are baked in a stone oven and filled with natural ingredients. The paninis are available with a range of fillings, for example, a tuna melt with fresh tuna, capers and cheese, a New York pastrami with pickles and horseradish, or a Caprese with creamy mozzarella, pesto and sundried tomato.

Toasted sandwiches

A ham and cheese toasted sandwich has to be everybody's favourite. Soft melted cheese is an essential part of a toasted cheese sandwich, but there are lots of different types of cheese. Besides toasted sandwiches with Dutch cheese we also have toasted sandwiches with fresh goats' cheese, feta or creamy mozzarella. It's never boring.

Lunch packs

Let yourself be surprised by a pleasant lunch. On the outside you can't see what's in it and that's the surprise. A lunch pack can comprise a drink, a piece of fruit, a sandwich and filled rolls of course. Are you dealing with a specific target group? No problem, we can take that into account. For example, you can ask for a carbohydrate-rich pack for sportsmen and women or a wellness lunch pack with fresh juice and fruit.

Bake-off bread

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