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"Freshness is the most important ingredient of any loaf of bread, but doesn't appear on the label".

Jan Borgesius

Daily fresh bread

Borgesius Bakery supplies its customers with fresh baked bread daily, via a finely meshed logistics system. Each day, every loaf of bread is baked with care, transported and delivered 'just-in-time'. The bakery produces loaves and rolls using pre-ferments and sourdoughs in order to make the most of the natural aromas and flavours in the bread.

Bake-it - risen unbaked bread dough

Bake-it easy® bread dough is supplied frozen, it has risen 30%, but still needs to be baked-off. The dough needs to be defrosted for 15 minutes, following which it can be cut and decorated. The dough can then be put straight onto the oven sheet, and will continue to rise and bake in the oven!

Bake-it classic® dough is supplied frozen and unrisen. The frozen dough is put straight from the freezer into a tin or onto a sheet (with a 'gutter' to make hearth bread). Then the loaf can be cut and decorated. The oven trolley with the filled tins is put in the proofer. The bread rises at a lower temperature and at the end of the programme, the risen dough can be cooled again. When the rising process has been completed, the proofer switches to the 'store' position. The major benefit is that the bread is ready for baking at any time.

Bake off

Every day, Borgesius Bakery produces Bake-off products with the greatest possible care. Bake-Off bread is available in pretty much every shape, size and type. After the bakery process en route to the point of sale, Bake-Off bread is transported in the right packaging at room temperature or frozen. Again the trend is clean label. More and more products are baked with pre-ferments and exclusively with natural ingredients.

Artisan bread

A thin crispy crust, the aroma of fresh bread, the mild sourdough flavour are all characteristics that define our traditional hearth-bread range. Borgesius Bakery combines the art of a craftsman baker with the power of efficiency. Every day our product developers are working on new flavours that produce new recipes.


Borgesius Bakery invests in flavour and progress. Each bakery is technically equipped to produce a speciality on a large scale, guaranteeing optimum taste, flavour and quality.

Bake-off bread

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