Core values

The Borgesius family runs a stable and healthy company that operates on the basis of the following core values:

  • We want to improve the position of our family business and expand this heritage for the next generation;
  • Innovation with respect for traditional professional processes is important to the bakery and our customers;
  • Everybody must be able to enjoy tasty fresh bread - anytime, anywhere.


Freshness is the prime aspect of good taste and quality. It is one of the most important ingredients of bread. Every day we optimise our production capacity so that we can produce bread that is as fresh as possible.

The market requires distinctive and surprising products. That is why innovation is important to the future of the bakery and its customers. Borgesius continues to surprise its customers with new products that facilitate turnover growth. Borgesius is innovative, partly because of its horizontal organisational structure and its decisive action. With its short communication lines, Borgesius is able to respond rapidly to trends in the market and to develop new products and take them into production quickly.

As the baking process is fully automated, the bakery can guarantee constant, optimum bread quality every day. The technology used has been adjusted to the specific properties of the bread. For Borgesius quality goes beyond baking as such; it is also evident in the attention paid to packaging and logistics. The logistic network is under our own management.

Bake-off bread

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